Calcium ControlFreak

Calcium is a fast, easy to use calculator for your S60 phone

Getting tired of the S60 calculator? We were, so we made our own. Using some of the concepts that make ControlFreak so easy to use, we removed the need to select on-screen buttons and moved all the operations to the joystick. Doing basic calculations on your phone is now only a couple of clicks away.

So how fast is it?

Try this simple example: start the standard calculator and do 2/3 x 7. It takes 13 clicks. Using Calcium it only takes 6!

Best of all, it's free

Calcium is completely free and works with all 1st, 2nd and 3rd edition S60 phones (refer to the official list of S60 phones).

Download Calcium Download Calcium

S60 3rd Edition updated to version 1.20: Certificate updated: 12/04/2012

Having trouble installing Calcium? Learn how to check your phone's security settings.