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The ultimate PC remote control for Series 60 phones

mtvoid is a collaboration between Michael Ahokas and Trent Fitzgibbon.

Michaelmichael is a user experience designer

I work as a user experience designer for Telstra in Australia, designing mobile applications. Previously I worked for Nokia in the S60 user experience team developing the leading smartphone user experience.

I also provide design services for various companies for web or mobile application development. If you have an interesting project and need an experienced user interface specialist, get in touch.

My passion is developing cool products, but of course there is more to life than that. My wife Elke and our amazing daughter Elina ensure that I never forget what's really important in life.

Trenttrent is a software design engineer

I am a 20-something coder who enjoys working with talented people on interesting projects. Since finishing my Bachelor in Computer Science I have worked in 3 countries (Australia, USA and Finland) on various projects including Java web applications, IP security, DSLAM line cards, a custom smart card operating system, and Series 60 applications.

When I'm not developing software I like to spend time with my family, watch movies (mainly with xbmc), listen to music, play tennis, go cross-country skiing, or enjoy a cold beer with friends.

Special thanks go to my wife Anina for not only giving me encouragement and support, but for being the most incredible person in my life.

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We would like to thank the following people for their support and encouraging feedback during the development of ControlFreak 2: