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The ultimate PC remote control for Series 60 phones

ControlFreak 2 is now free so download it and experience all the great features for yourself.


To use ControlFreak you need:

Version: ControlFreak 2.71
Release date: 2nd January, 2007
File size: 508 KB
Download ControlFreak

Note: We do not currently have a schedule for porting the application to S60 3rd edition

Changes in 2.71

Changes in 2.70

Changes in 2.50

Frequently asked questions

Q: ControlFreak looks amazing/awesome/cool but I don't have a Series 60 phone. Do you have plans to port it to Series 40, Java, Pocket PC, Motorola xxx or Sony Ericsson xxx ?
A: Sorry, we don't have any plans to support other phone platforms.

Q: When will ControlFreak be available on S60 3rd Edition phones?
A: Perhaps one day...